Kira Gluschkoff

Known already for twenty years as the photographer of top models, corporate leaders and pop stars, Kira Gluschkoff (born 1973) is the Creative Producer of Pick Me – indeed the heart of the agency. Determined and fearless, Kira is well-known in photography for her powerful use of colors, skillful lighting and intensive contact with her models. Her imagery represents a rare embodiment of popular culture, cosmopolitan outlook and rich emotions, which she draws from her numerous travels across the world.

Kira Gluschkoff acquired and mastered her photographic skills by simply grabbing on to the camera time and time again while living in the ever-stylish Paris. She continued practicing the art in Finland, where her success flourished in the fields of fashion and advertising photography.  As a highly appraised master of her field, Kira has been recognized with several fashion and portraiture awards. Her photography exhibitions have gathered admirers all the way from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. In the world of photography Kira is an unstoppapble filly – not incidentally, the photographer willingly confesses her love for horses, who take their frequent share in posing for the camera as well.