Joanna Moorhouse

The power of well traveled Joanna Moorhouse's (born 1968) photographs' lies in her skillful use of ambient light. As a persistent perfectionist, Joanna perceives the subtle characteristics of her environment, and captures its essence to her life-rich photographs with masterful tenderness. Joanna is a versatile photographer who embraces her assignments with her whole soul, adjusting the ambience and the tone carefully to meet the customer's needs with precision. There are no two photoshoots alike for the photographer whos career has already lasted for a couple of decades.

Educated in photography in Italy, Joanna Moorhouse excels particularly in lifestyle, design, food and interior photography. With impeccable calmness she creates delicious and flawlessly finalized images of products, travel and decor, which communicate a palpable sense of mood in reality. Inspired by the seasonal changes of Finnish nature and the excitement of foreign cities, Joanna does not hesitate to seize professional challenges. She will go as far as jumping on a roller coaster in order to capture the perfect frame.